Software Engineering

ProActive’s experienced software engineering team designs and develops application software and firmware on a wide range of operating systems, including MPX, Unix, Solaris, Microsoft Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, MicroC/OS, and ROM-DOS, using associated languages and tools such as:

C/C++ Dynamic C SOAP ODBC Fortran
C# Qt DirectX SQL Basic
Ada Matlab/Simulink Activex Cg Pascal
Java COM MFC DCOM Assembler

Our software engineers’ experience with this extensive set of languages and tools, on an equally diverse set of operating systems, translates into an expert understanding of the software on practically any existing simulation platform, and the capability to successfully port, modify, or upgrade it to run on contemporary hardware platforms. This ability is a key to ProActive’s success in executing modifications to older trainers by re-hosting their capabilities on newer hardware platforms using upgraded software. This upgraded software is written in contemporary programming languages to enhance the longevity and maintainability of the system.

Software engineering plays a critical role in driving the specification of the hardware platform. Some of the considerations used for this purpose include system responsiveness, memory and code footprint, and the unique software features and constraints offered by each platform.