Quality Assurance Program

ProActive Technologies, LLC uses the ISO 9001 series to develop, implement, and improve its quality system. QA plans and supporting procedures ensure that ProActive will meet its objectives for required delivery, performance, and cost on all contracted programs.

It is ProActive Technologies’ quality policy to continually raise the level of excellence in our people and our work processes through measurement, reengineering, refinement, industry bench marking, and training to ensure our Customers of world-class performance. We will exceed our Customer’s requirements by continually improving processes, product, people, and services; by establishing, reviewing, and improving quality processes; and by identifying, designing, reengineering, and refining our product. Our objectives include cost reduction, accelerated delivery, and increased performance.

The objective measurements include:

      * Quality system status based on assessments from extrinsic audits
      * Data derived from Customer feedback
      * Preventive and corrective action activity
      * Improvement actions generated from management reviews of the quality system





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