Range Systems and Equipment Support

ProActive Technologies, L.L.C. is an experienced range systems and equipment support company providing Organizational (“O-Level”), Intermediate (“I-Level”) and Depot (“D-Level”) maintenance for the following systems at CONUS and OCONUS locations:

• Remote Engagement Targets (ERETS) (NGATS)
• Convoy Operations Course
• Indoor Simulated Marksmanship Trainers (ISMT-E)
• Precision Gunnery Training Systems (PGTS)
• Stationary/Portable Infantry Target Systems (SITS/PITS)
• Portable Armor Targets
• Minor Training Devices (Pneumatic Mortars, SAGNS, Artillery Trainers)
• Tactical Video Network
• Improved Moving Target Simulators (IMTS) (Stinger Dome)
• Thermal Target Silhouette Technology
• Solar Powered Target Maintenance
• MATCH Tactical Shoot Houses
• MOUT Urban Assault Course
• Tactical Video Capture System (TVCS)
• Ballistic Protection Technology (SACON, bullet traps, rubberized protection)
• Range Operations and Control
• Known Distance Rifle Range Operations and Maintenance
• Unknown Distance Range Operations and Maintenance
• Range Communication Systems Support and Maintenance
• Universal Maintenance Trainers (Vehicle Maintenance Trainers)
• Warehouse Operations
• Training for Customer Operations and Evolutions
• Target Maintenance and Manufacturing

ProActive maintains a variety of targetry from various manufacturers, including Caswell, Meggitt/FATS, Lockheed Martin, Blackwater, Action, LaRue Tactical, Titon, UniTech, and ATA.

ProActive provides Real Property Maintenance (RPM) support, including range upkeep, mowing and grounds maintenance, repair and replacement of signage, range road repair and maintenance, maintenance of fire breaks, pest control, and maintenance and repair of public address and video monitoring systems. We also maintain target protection systems such as earthen berms, SACON berms, target pits and bullet traps, and range lighting and marking systems. Additionally, we operate and maintain pistol ranges, Military Operations in Urban Territory (MOUT) assault courses, infantry platoon battle courses, small arms reaction courses, and infiltration courses.

ProActive also provides all Safety and Quality personnel to effect safe and proper training.