Electrical Engineering

ProActive’s electrical engineering team’s depth and diversity of experience in researching and developing hardware systems and their supporting infrastructure, including analysis of power systems, circuit design and signal processing, control systems, and digital systems, enables us to develop electrical and electronic framework for simulation systems that are functionally correct, durable, cost-effective, easy to deploy, and straightforward to maintain.

The electrical engineering team plays an important role in the development of simulation systems: it drives the design of the new simulation system and the procurement of the electrical and electronic components through evaluation of the operational parameters, performance, and cost of each component with respect to the requirements and constraints imposed by interoperating components and the overall system. Frequently, new systems are necessary to replace aging counterparts whose technical data packages are no longer available. The electrical engineering team meets this challenge by relying on its proven capability to reverse-engineer components based on their functional behavior. Finally, it evaluates the overall platform to ensure that it meets regulatory and functional requirements for criteria such as electromagnetic radiation, heat, surges, health and life safety, and the environment.